IQ MPS is developing series of organotypic manuscripts for publication in Lab on a Chip (Impact factor: 6.914). The purpose of the manuscript series is to specifically outline the contemporary pharmaceutical industry perspectives and considerations for developing, evaluating, and characterizing MPS models to support drug discovery and development.


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Peterson, N., Mahalingaiah, P. K., Fullerton, A., Di Piazza, M. (2019) Application of 3D Cultures and Microphysiological Systems in Biopharmaceutical Research and Development. Lab on a Chip.  Available here.


Under Development


Under Development


Peters, M., Choy, A., Pin, C., Leishman, D., Moisan. A., Ewart, L., Guzzie-Peck, P., Sura, R., Keller, D., Scott, C., Kolaja, L. (2019) Developing in vitro Assays to Transform Gastrointestinal Safety Assessment: Potential for Microphysiological Systems. Lab on Chip.  Available here.

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