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(FEB 2020) NOW AVAILABLE IN ‘LAB ON A CHIP’ - IQ MPS Organotypic Manuscript Special Collection

IQ Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Affiliate manuscripts published in Lab on a Chip are now available as a special online edition of the Journal. Manuscripts contain information on likely initial contexts of use (CoU) for MPS and key characterization data needed for incorporation of these tools in pharmaceutical safety screening and drug development. Individual manuscripts also provide a list of characteristic functions, cell types, toxicities, and test agents that can serve as a guide for developers of lung, liver, skin, kidney, and gastrointestinal MPS as well as MPS for applications in biologics drug development and ADME.

For more information, read the introductory manuscript here. Find the full special collection here.

(FEB 2020) NEW PUBLICATION “Developing in vitro Assays to Transform Gastrointestinal Safety Assessment: Potential for Microphysiological Systems” Lab On A Chip

To guide the design of GI-MPS assays to meet safety assessment needs for drug-induced gastrointestinal toxicities, this review provides an industry perspective on assay features of high priority. The topics discussed include screening assays for early detection, investigative models for mechanistic elucidation, tool compounds for assessing predictive performance, gaps and opportunities emerging with epithelial-only GI microtissues, specific microphysiologies that need to be emulated to align with top GI AEs, kinetic data to support mathematical modelling, and guidance on assay endpoint selection.

Read more here.

(JAN 2020) NEW PUBLICATION “A Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective on Mircrophysiological  Kidney Systems for Evaluation of New Therapies” Lab On A Chip

Pharmaceutical industry scientists provide their perspective on the phenotypic and physiochemical attributes of microphysiological kidney models that could improve confidence in safety and ADME evaluations of experimental therapies and key considerations for effectively implementing these models in nephrotoxicity testing.

Read the publication here.

(JAN 2020) NEW PUBLICATION “Application of 3D Cultures and Microphysiological Systems in Biopharmaceuticals Research and Development.” Lab On A Chip

IQ MPS Affiliate scientists describe the opportunities and challenges in developing tissue-specific MPS for preclinical research of large molecule therapeutics.

Read more here.

(JAN 2020) NEW PUBLICATION “Microphysiological systems for ADME-related applications: current status and recommendations for system development and characterization” Lab On A Chip.

This manuscript provides a pharmaceutical industry perspective on qualification standards and future directions for contemporary complex in vitro models in ADME applications with a focus on four organs of interest (liver, intestine, kidney, and brain) and linked-organ systems.

Read more here.

(DEC 2019) NEW PUBLICATION “Liver Microphysiological Systems Development Guidelines for Safety Risk Assessment in the Pharmaceutical Industry” Lab On A Chip

In this manuscript, pharmaceutical industry scientists describe a 3-part strategy for optimizing and bench-marking liver MPS performance, so as to help model developers and end users identify what would be the most valuable models for safety risk assessment.

This critical review also describes all of the features of the ideal liver MPS model, provides an overview of currently used safety assays, and highlights the best-suited contexts of use for various liver MPS categories.

Read more here.

(OCT 2019) NEW PUBLICATION - “Drug-Induced Skin Toxicity: Gaps in Preclinical Testing Cascade as Opportunities for Complex In Vitro Models and Assays.” Lab On A Chip

In this manuscript, pharmaceutical industry scientists provide an overview of current complex skin model capabilities and limitations within the drug development scheme. Recommendations are also provided for future model development and assay qualification with the intent to facilitate wider adoption within the pharmaceutical industry.

Read more here.

(AUG 2019) NEW PUBLICATION - “Microphysiological Lung Models to Evaluate the Safety of New Pharmaceutical Modalities: A Biopharmaceutical Perspective” Lab On A Chip

This article summarizes, from a biopharmaceutical industry perspective, essential elements for the development and qualification of lung MPS models. Its purpose is to guide MPS developers and manufacturers to expedite MPS utilization for safety assessment in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Read more here.

(AUG 2019) The IQ MPS Affiliate to Publish a Series of Organotypic Manuscripts in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Lab On A Chip

Scientists from several biopharmaceutical companies, through the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development Microphysiological Systems (IQ MPS) Affiliate, will prepare a series of organotypic manuscripts to provide relevant information to MPS developers and users on the characterization parameters and data needed to expedite implementation of MPS in safety screening in drug discovery and development. Individual manuscripts will provide information on the cell types and tissue functions, test agents (representing major mechanisms of toxicity), relevant assessment endpoints/biomarkers and likely initial contexts of use, with the intent that MPS developers incorporate these into their models to facilitate uptake of MPS platforms by the biopharmaceutical industry and health authorities/regulators.

Manuscripts will focus on lung, liver, kidney, skin, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and blood brain barrier/central nervous system. In addition, an introductory article and two manuscripts focusing on biologically-based therapeutics and ADME considerations will be prepared as part of this effort. These manuscripts will be published in Lab on a Chip.

(JUN 2020) - CALLING ALL GI MPS Developers - the IQ MPS Affiliate's GI RFI is now available!

See Projects to learn more!

(JAN 2021) NEW PUBLICATION - "Cardiovascular Microphysiological Systems (CVMPS) for Safety Studies- A Pharma Perspective." Lab on a Chip

The IQ MPS Affiliate announces its 8th manuscript in Lab on a Chip, “Cardiovascular Microphysiological Systems (CVMPS) for Safety Studies- A Pharma Perspective.” To enable to the adoption of CVMPS for evaluating novel drug candidates, industry will need evidence of their “fit for purpose” applications targeted at different levels of complexity and integration. Meeting this challenge will require development of mature bioengineered components with meaningful vascular linkages that provide more value than current in vivo models, an effort best served by partnerships between government-funded initiatives, academics, and private companies. Read the publication here.

(JULY 2021) IQ MPS Affiliate Welcomes New Member Company

IQ MPS Affiliate welcomes Boehringer Ingelheim as the newest member of the Affiliate. Contact us to learn more about how your company can join and collaborate in the MPS Affiliate.

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