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Module I Summary

In this session, we summarize the key takeaways from Sessions 1-5 and further elaborate on some of the questions received by attendees throughout Module I. We will also provide an overview of a Reference Guide we have prepared and introduce the content for next year’s sessions, which will focus on specific organs and relevant COUs.

Date & Time

Monday, December 4, 2023 at 1:00 pm ET


90 minutes


Welcome and Introduction

Aaron Fullerton, Genentech

Lessons from Module I Sessions 1-3 (Introduction to CIVM/MPS and Technical Considerations for Experiemental Design)

Jason Ekert, UCB

Rhiannon David, Astrazeneca,

Tom Chan, BMS

James Gosset, Pfizer

Q&A / Discussion

Deidre Dalmas Wilk, GSK

Lessons from Module I Sessions 4-5 (Leveraging MPS Data for In Silico Modeling and CIVM/MPS Qualification Considerations)

Dave Stresser, AbbVie

Aaron Fullerton, Genentech

Q&A / Discussion

Deidre Dalmas Wilk, GSK

Module I Closing Remarks

Nakissa Sadrieh, FDA

Introduction to Module II: Established CIVM/MPS (Organ-Specific Sessions)

Deidre Dalmas Wilk, GSK

Session Slides:

IQ MPS PharmTox Training Module 1 Sesssion 6
Download PDF • 6.42MB

Moderators and Presenters

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