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MPS Training Course

The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of complex in vitro models (CIVM), including microphysiological systems (MPS), and best practices from the perspective of pharmaceutical industry end-users for evaluating and applying these tools in drug discovery and development. This course covers the current and anticipated future use of CIVMs, including applications in efficacy, ADME, and toxicology studies, with an emphasis on preclinical assessments. Following completion of this course, attendees should have a holistic understanding of the factors pharmaceutical companies consider when characterizing and qualifying CIVM and designing experiments to apply these models for specific contexts of use.

For this course, CIVM will be defined as any model beyond traditional 2D cell culture which may include several of the following design aspects: a multicellular environment within a biopolymer or tissue-derived matrix; a 3D structure; the inclusion of mechanical cues such as stretch or perfusion of media and cells; and or inclusion of immune system components.

Course Outline

The course is broken down into four modules. Each module is composed of several sessions and concludes with a summary session capturing the key points as well as addressing additional questions attendees may have. The date and time of each session will be announced as confirmed. Recordings will be made available after each session for those unable to attend.

Upcoming Sessions

Past Sessions

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